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Al Garnab Lubricants

About Us
Garnab has been supplying the Libya’s oil and lubricants market  since 2008. We provide oil and lubricants that meet the highest quality standards , from the engine to the transmissions, from the antifreeze to protection. Our company is well capitalized (LYD 15m) and with a network of 22 branches nationally is well situated to serve the Libyan market.

Featured Products

Briton Lubricants

Briton offers complete range of automotive and industrial lubricants including; petrol engine oil, diesel engine oil, synthetic oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluids,.

Chevron Lubricants

Havoline and Delo are motor oil brands currently commercialized by Chevron. The brands success is based on their unique formation, superior quality and extended service protection.

SuperMax Oilgermany

SuperMax Oilgermany produces well recognized Gasoline and Diesel Engine oils, Gear oils, Industrial oils, Industrial oils, Greases, Hydraulic and Antifreeze products.

Featured Services

Engine Oil

We offer our customers engine oils that best match their vehicle. Our experienced personal help customers identify the best match for their needs.

Transmission& Differential Oil Change

We offer our customers inspection services help them decide best course of action to maintain and prolong the life of their vehicle.

Power Steering Oil Change

We use top quality steering fluids making sure you get first class treatment to every car model.